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The power of tracking

The power of tracking

Key features: * Remote device location via password-protected SMS commands * Tracking a route (can be activated both remotely and on-device) * On-device location through the My Location screen * Use of both GPS and cell ID coordinates: in case GPS data is unavailable, you still get the second-best cell-ID-based map * Kill-protection mode – when enabled, this option protects EL from being uninstalled or shut down by other third-party applications * Independent and on-device. There is no service subscription. * Reliable and unobtrusive Note: Note: It’s compatible with Symbian S60 Nokia devices only.

Have you wondered if you forgot your phone at work or if you dropped it at the gym? Wouldn’t you feel more secure if you could track your child’s location remotely? Or perhaps you would like to be able to locate somebody else without having to disturb them by calling or texting? Easy Locator is the tool you need!

Find the location of a mobile phone and see it on the map! Locate people via their phones or simply find your device if lost or stolen. Try for free!

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